Financing & Layaway

We understand that a reliable automobile is a necessity to making a living for your family, and we're happy to offer on the lot financing (commonly referred to as buy-here, pay-here) in situations where our financing criteria is met or exceeded. We are also happy to work with outside finance companies and banks! 


We also offer layaway services on some of our vehicles. This allows you to make a deposit on the vehicle, then pay the balance within a certain amount of time (pre-determined by administrative staff). All vehicles purchased using our layaway service must remain at the lot until the balance has been paid in full.


Note: Deposit amounts are determined by G&P Motor Company, LLC and all holds are subject to approval. Layaway services are not available on all vehicles at all times. Please contact a sales representative for more information.



Before entering into our buy-here, pay-here services, customers must first provide proof of employment or income. For example, a check stub from your employer or a statement of benefits will suffice. 

Driver's License

Customers who wish to purchase a buy-here, pay-here unit must have a valid (non-expired) North Carolina driver's license with no restrictions or revocations. 


Proof of Insurance

Currently, we require that all buy-here, pay-here units are fully insured before leaving our lot. North Carolina state law requires liability insurance to be purchased on your vehicle, and we require that comprehensive coverage is carried on the vehicle until the full balance is paid. Once the lien against the vehicle has been released by the seller and you receive the title, it is your choice whether or not to continue carrying comprehensive and collision protection. We require proof of insurance from your agent or company before purchasing any vehicle. 


Down Payment

We do require a down payment on all buy-here, pay-here units. A salesman will be happy to discuss the down payment on the unit of your choice with you! 


Monthly/Bi-Monthly Payment

Once your buy-here, pay-here information has been received and approved, our administrative staff will work with you to set up a payment schedule. We are able to set up weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payment schedules.


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